The internet has emerged as the new exciting medium for marketers but the power of print design is still alive and cannot be ignored because it is something that you can actually hold and touch with your hands.

Print Marketing that works!

Valika Solutions is not just limited to pixels and code. If it can be printed, than it is almost certain that we can design it.

Don't think of a print design to be exactly the same as a web design - there is a difference, only professionals know it. Each design needs a different designing approach since the mediums are different.

So, we tackle print designs with a different approach. We start by working closely with you, to form your corporate image and shape your future promotional strategy.

Promotional products are very important because you give them to others for their personal use. The customers, clients or any other person who uses these products is displaying and promoting your brand, logo, and conveying your message to everybody around them.

We are innovators in our field. Our print design services are set to fill the gap between aesthetics and functionality.

When there is a matter of sales, design should meet the substance and we understand that. With our print design, your printer will never say "call the designer". Our print designs will also keep your printing charges very low.

Our Print Design services include:

  • Brochure design
  • Book design
  • Marketing cards
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Stationery
  • Catalog Design
  • Advert Design